Tristan Brooks for PWR

Today we had the pleasure of shooting in our Queen West neighbourhood for PWR with, @_tristanbrooks. We choose the upstairs of the Rivoli as our first destination for its classic pool hall look and vibe. Our PWR brand is about excellence no matter the field you decide to master and so we have, Tristan, practising his game and ready to cue up against any rivals.

The natural sky lighting was perfecting for the shoot, which gave us a warm glow in all our shots that made the colours pop for the camera. We staged a few shots on chairs, sitting on the edge of the table, just vibing out in this iconic space. It really boggles my mind how long and narrow the building is until you find out that originally it was built for a bowling alley, then it all makes sense. If you're a great creative director you'll have a blast just positioning your model, so that you can take advantage of the depth of field in this space and capture some riveting overhead light fixtures in the background that just dance in your frame.

Overall, we had a blast today and ended up finishing our shoot on the street, with all that sunshine we couldn't pass up the chance to grab a few frames on the Queen West home turf. For this look, we shot the millennial Pink PWR cap with a denim jacket to compliment that sealed the deal for the day. So who was it that said, "men can't wear pink?" I beg to differ when you drip sauce you wear whatever you want!



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  • Rose On

    When will you bring back the paper plane design hat. just loved it knew i should have bought one when i saw it. Waited. Lost out! I would really love to purchase for my son who is currently in flight school studying to be a pilot. would make a perfect Christmas Gift for him especially with the inside lining of the map of the different parts that make up Toronto. Any plans to bring it back???

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