Northern Philosophy

We had the owners of Northern Philosophy give us some insight on their brand. The location chosen was Grange Park, with an amazing autumn vibe to it. Trees with color changing leaves.

It all started when Abigail and Danielle Maravilla went to high school and took a graphic design course.They grew up in the area of Scarborough. It was a class project to create a logo based on Canada. They chose a Maple leaf to represent Canada but added their own twist to the look.

The entrepreneurial journey started at Brimz Official two years ago when they tried out their new design in-store. It was an investment that they decided they wanted to try. Brimz is home to a lot of local brands. After launching at Brimz they grew their brand and became even better. 

The best part of the journey would be seeing people you don't know in your products, and realizing how successful you have been with an idea you've created. When people wear our products they are sharing a story with the world and representing Canada.

Giving back is important to our brand as well. We have donated a hat to multiple patients at Sick Kids, We would love to give back more in the future. 

Favorite part about living in Toronto, would be how diverse the city is, you can walk down the street and see different people from around the world. The Toronto music scene has changed a lot, we think it's because Drake put Toronto on the map.

Words of wisdom: "Always believe in your talent or ability and don't be afraid to share with other people."

Instagram: @northern.philosophy

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